Consulting our services

A complete range of services

  • Initial public offering (IPO)

    • Onboarding of existing register
    • Assistance and technical advice in compliance with market rules and regulations
    • Issuance and administration of securities at Euroclear France
    • Settlement of transactions and delivery of securities
    • Administration of Management Package
  • Administration of employee plans

    • Group savings plan
    • Stock options and free shares
    • Technical assistance and advice regarding creation of plans
    • Management of beneficiaries
    • International mobility and taxation management
    • Personalized assistance during the implementation of communication plans
    • Multilingual reporting
  • Registrar services

    • Maintenance of shareholder register, treasury share monitoring
    • Payment of dividends, interests and reimbursements among other securities services
    • Monitoring of capital and of special privileges reserved for registered shareholders
    • Cost-price and fiscal management
  • Organization annual general meetings

    • Preparation of the procedure and schedule
    • Convocation of shareholders
    • Processing of received instructions and report to corporation
    • Online vote coordination
    • Shareholders’ Reception on D-Day: via digitalized attendance sheet
    • Voting on digital tablets on D-Day: collection of votes through a proper electronic system, and display of results on screen
  • Centralization of corporate actions

    • Technical assistance and advice regarding creation of plans
    • Development and diffusion of instructions processing tools
    • Centralization of instructions
    • Securities settlement
    • Coordination between financial intermediaries
  • Issuing & paying agent on debt instruments

    • Fiscal agent
    • Calculation, exchange and conversion agent
    • Repurchase of bonds
    • Annual General Meeting

Our website

Your website for managing registered shares and employee share ownership plans.

Your account allows you to:

  • Consult and manage your employee plans (stock option plans, free share plans, group savings plans, etc.)
  • View statistics on your registered shares
  • Access online reports
  • Access a shareholder's account details (view personal information, assets, transactions and statements online)

To access your account ISSUER/RH, click here.


available languages (French, English, Deutsch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese)
valorisations in currency (Euro, U.S. dollar, Canadian dollar, Swiss franc, Yen, Pound sterling)

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