Your personal information

Please update.

Regulations to identify account holders relating of the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism require us to know and verify the identity of any holder of financial instruments, by collecting supporting documents.

To check and update your personal data, go to: My account / My profile.  Let you be guided and submit your necessary supporting documents online to verify your identity.

Postal address

It enables us to send you the information required to manage your account and is essential for us to be able to settle your transactions.

Contact address E-mail

It enables you to be informed of any official communication relating to your account and linked to various events (update, stocks and shares transaction, general meeting, etc.).

Fiscal address

It enables us to apply the correct tax to your transactions for your situation, without risk of financial penalty to you.
By default and unless otherwise indicated by you, SGSS will consider your fiscal address as the same as your postal address.

Bank details

They enable us to settle your transactions. They must be fully completed.