New! Online payment available on Sharinbox and the end of cheques


Since the October 17, 2022, SHARINBOX allow you to benefit from online payment for your securities purchases. Also in a context of digitalization and reduction of the risk of fraud, we inform you of the end of cheques at this same date.

Online payment in a few words:

  • When entering your purchase of securities, select the payment method: "by debit card".
  • An estimated amount including the net amount of the order as well as a margin of 10% (in order to cover price fluctuations) will be reserved on your debit card.
  • On the business day following the execution of the order, your debit card will be debited with the total net amount within the limit of the estimated amount previously reserved. (Please note that in case of strong price fluctuations, a transfer corresponding to the additional amount due will be requested).

The plus: 

No deposit required for this method of payment!


  • In case of payment by debit card, the maximum validity of the order will be 6 days. After this period and provided that your order is not executed, you will have to enter your purchase order again. 
  • Make sure you check the validity date and the debit card limits beforehand.
  • In order to ensure proper settlement of your transactions (sale of securities, dividend payment), please go to Sharinbox and fill in your bank details :"My Profile/Personal Information". You will no longer be able to pay for your stock purchases, subscriptions or stock option exercises by cheque.

The payment methods available to you are changing:

  • Payment by debit card online.
  • Direct debit: provided that you have completed the direct debit mandate available under the Sharinbox transaction validation screen and returned it to the email address on the same screen.
  • Transfer: to the bank account information listed on the Sharinbox transaction entry screen.