How to become a shareholder

You wish to purchase registered shares, the management of which has been entrusted to Société Générale Securities Services.

In order for us to place your order, please read our registered securities account agreement and we need you to fill out the following documents and send it to the address indicated in the CONTACT section of the footer:

  • The purchase order form, to be completed, dated and signed by you.
  • The securities account agreement subscription form, to be completed, dated and signed by.
    If you are an individual: registration form Natural person
    If you are a legal entity or other legal form: registration form Legal entity
  • Copies of the documents required in the securities account agreement subscription form.
  • The payment of approximately 50% of the estimated amount of your purchase order (depending on the share price), by cheque or bank transfer in Euros (please refer to the purchase order form). The balance of the operation will be required, if any, upon the receipt of your notice of transaction confirming your order.

    Or the authorization to debit your bank account directly with the whole amount of your purchase by sending us back the direct debit mandate.

 Important: your instruction cannot be processed upon receipt all the elements listed above.

Following the execution of your order, you will receive a notice of registration of your shares as well as your access codes to our online services. To help us provide the best quality service, please confirm the accuracy of your existing account information or provide us your personal and banking details on our website.

The information you provide will also allow us to transfer to you any payment regarding share sales or potential dividend.