Stock market orders

The stock market is a regulated market enabling the trading of securities (shares) between a company that needs financing and investors, who may be individual savers.
Investors place a stock market order to buy or sell shares

Order type



"At the best limit" order

It is executed at the best price proposed when the order reaches the market.

In the event of partial execution, the fraction of the order which is not executed becomes an order limited to the price of the first fraction executed

Speed of order execution

In the event of a downward trend in the market, the balance of your order may not be executed

"At the limit price" order

It is executed at the limit price fixed by you or, if applicable, at the first upper price offered.

The limit price you fix is therefore the minimum price below which your order will not be executed

Controlling the order price

Risk of order not being filled

"On the Market"

It is positioned on the market without a price limit.

In the case of a partial execution, the balance will be executed at the subsequent share price(s) available on the market

Very fast execution of the order (it will be filled before "best limit" orders and the "limit price" orders)

No control of the order price