The various ways of holding securities

What are the specific features of the three forms of holding securities: pure registered securities, administered registered securities and bearer securities?

Your securities and identity are registered in your name at the issuing company, enabling the bank to establish direct personal contact with you.
Your shares are registered in a securities account at Société Générale Securities Services, Shareholding service for the issuing company.

Your shares remain registered with your financial intermediary, who takes care of both custody and management.
In this case, management of your securities is assimilated to that of "shares in bearer form", enabling you to bring all your shares together in a single portfolio.
However, to transfer your administered registered shares you have to make a specific request to your financial intermediary. Then, your intermediary must inform Société Générale Securities Services of the conversion of your securities to externally administered registered shares. 
This form of holding enables the issuing company, both to identify you and to establish direct, personal contact with you.

This is the most common method of holding shares. 
In this method, purchase and day-to-day management of your securities are entrusted to the financial intermediary of your choice.
Your name is not recorded on the issuing company register.

The advantages of pure share registration

You will save money on management fees

The issuing company covers the full cost of account management fees.
The only fees you would have to pay (which would also be payable if your securities were in bearer form) are the brokerage fees and stock exchange tax pertaining to transactions (purchase or sale) carried out at your request. These fees are negotiated with the issuing company.

You will receive a named invitation to General Meetings

You will be invited to Ordinary and/or Extraordinary General Meetings, and you will directly and automatically receive a full Notice of Meeting two to three weeks prior to the date of the meeting. This document includes all the paperwork necessary to cast your vote (request forms for admission card, proxy and postal vote).
Procedures for participation in the meeting will be simplified: Given that you are registered on the lists of the issuing company, the request for an admission card to participate in a General Meeting will not be necessary - you will simply be asked to show personal identification on the day. The shareblocking certificate is not necessary.

Access to personalised information

You directly receive information about all financial operations (capital increase, bond issues, etc.) and in case of subscription to these operations, you will benefit from reduced, negotiated fees with the issuing company. You will be invited to various shareholder meetings held in your region and will receive all the information intended for shareholders promptly.

You will also have access to the Sharinbox website at the following address www.sharinbox.societegenerale.com as well as to the Nomilia telephone service, by dialling + 33 (0)2 51 85 67 89 (Phone number without tax surcharge, invoicing depending on your operator contract and the country from which you are calling from), exclusively reserved for pure registered shareholders for the monitoring and management of their securities.

You will receive specific practical guides 

Specific practical guides to regulations and tax (“Quelle fiscalité pour vos titres au nominatif?” (Taxes on Registered Shares), “Guide pratique des donations et dons” (Practical Guide to Donations and Bequests), etc.) are available at www.sharinbox.societegenerale.com or from the NOMILIA Customer Relations Centre.